Almost Forgot my Blog…

You would think that writing a simple blog for 15 minutes each day would be easy… and some days it is, other days not so much. Today when I came into DDA, a graphic design company, I checked my emails, added new clients to our board, hung a few pictures and began website optimization. Then the 10 o’clock blog deadline rolled around with me totally forgetting about it!

With this being the last week of the month, I usually don’t have time to spare — going down my list of websites enrolled in our SureThing Optimization Program, seeing which optimization steps that haven’t been implemented yet, uploading and checking the files.

After each site has been optimized, I enter the work into each company’s own individual status report, send an email describing the work that I did and add a link to view the status and traffic report. After clicking send, I gladly cross each company that has been completed for the month off of my long list of websites.

I make a lot of different lists during the course of my optimization month. I have a standard list of company names with their scheduled optimization for the month, a checklist on my computer’s desktop of what absolutely has to be done by the end of each workday. Yet another list of the newly enrolled companies in our website optimization program and finally a list of DDA tasks that I need to tend to… finally I can cross of my blog from today’s checklist.