Defining Interactive

This is the definition of interactive according to an online dictionary:

Spelled Pronunciation [in-ter-ak-tiv]
1. acting one upon or with the other.
2. of or pertaining to a two-way system of electronic communications, as by means of television or computer: interactive communications between families using two-way cable television.
3. (of a computer program or system) interacting with a human user, often in a conversational way, to obtain data or commands and to give immediate results or updated information: For many years airline reservations have been handled by interactive computer systems.

This is DDA’s definition:

D·D·A In·ter·ac·tive
Function: Noun
1: The fun, the cool, the never been done before

To most, interactivity signifies a response to user input and action. For DDA Interactive™, a pioneering marketing and advertising agency, its meaning holds much more. Not only do the corporate and medical websites, eLearning programs, and virtual environments we develop respond to user activity, but they also engage audiences through innovative interactive technologies that encourage and reward action. At DDA Interactive™, our goal is to do far more than entertain; we aim to captivate by integrating interactive media and services never before seen or implemented.

Whether you need interactive distributed media, interactive e-commerce, interactive elearning, interactive games or any other interactive project you can think of, DDA Interactive is ready to tackle your project.