Home Away From Home

When I returned to work on Tuesday (my son was sick on Monday), I was asked by several co-workers, “How’s your son feeling?”. At DDA, it’s like having a second family, a home away from home. Instead of brothers and sisters, we have SEO specialists, programmers and copywriters. We celebrate birthdays, have baby showers, bridal showers and support fund raising efforts for each other. We even have a dog running around! When lunchtime comes around, if someone is ordering takeout, they always ask if anyone would like to order as well. We even have a beer night. (I am out of the office when this time comes, but I imagine it’s a nice way to end a Thursday)

Like sisters share clothes, our website designers share projects. If one designer is overwhelmed and a deadline is near, another designer can help out finishing a project. We all try to help one another out if possible. Everyone appreciates the talents that our staff members possess. Looking through any of our portfolios including 3d animation, website design, virtual reality and more, you will see how talented this (at times) dysfunctional family really is. A fellow employee once said, “It takes a rare breed to work at DDA.” I think this is true. You have to be able to keep up in a fast-paced environment, manage your time properly, be able multi-task, and the hardest thing to remember in the beginning: logging in and out of our TRAC, our online tracking system that keeps our time accounted down to the minute for clients’ projects. And each improvement that is made on the TRAC, whether big or small, it is appreciated. (Thanks Amy!)

So to all of my fellow project coordinators, animators, programmers and designers…

Have a great weekend!