Part Time SEO Specialist, Full Time Mom

Before my workday begins:

Q: Mom, where’s my favorite sweatshirt?
Re: At the bottom of the basket at the top of the steps.
Q: Mom, I can’t find my school project!
Re: It’s on your desk under the stack of coloring books.
Q: Mom, have you seen my other shoe?
Re: It’s under your bed behind the box of Legos.

Once I get my daughter on the bus and take my sons to school, I take a deep breath and then walk through the doors at DDA:

Jess, have you seen the latest version of Director?
Jess, is that website optimization review ready?
Jess, could you please register this URL?

I have always been organized and able to multi-task with ease. Being an employee at DDA, a search engine marketing company, has put these skills to use on a daily basis. I have to make sure that URLs are renewed, optimization reviews are organized, software is available for the designers and programmers and much more. Somehow with this juggling act that I perform daily, I continue to optimize websites so that they can achieve higher rankings in the major search engines. Using the skills that I have learned over the years each and every day on several different websites keeps me on my toes. I’m optimizing well-designed websites by my coworkers with one hand, all the while checking on traffic reports and website rankings with the other.

I would continue my blog but I need to check on a secure certificate and then answer the phone…