Search Engine Optimization Specialist

I have been referred to as one of the first search engine optimization specialists in Pennsylvania. Starting twelve years ago, with a handful of websites to optimize, I have learned the ins and outs of search engine marketing and sometimes feel as though I could do it in my sleep. Back then, I had a hand in just about every field of work that DDA covered. From marketing mailings and proofreading, to shipping/receiving and inventory management, to website updates and database management, I seemed to be the go-to person for many things.

Since my early days, I now focus my entire day on enhancing our customers websites. Each day holds something new for me in the optimization world. One day I will be working on a medical website and the next on a site for wedding cake software. Most of the website optimization that I do is on websites that DDA has designed. I then get to see the skill of our graphic designers when looking at an amazing website design.

Working for a professional search engine marketing company has definitely changed the way that I look at websites. I can no longer look at a website without checking for alt text, focused head titles and keyword-rich content. Working in meta tags has become second nature to me. It is interesting to see a website achieve higher rankings in search engines due to the work that I have done. It is a nice sense of accomplishment seeing a website’s rankings and page rank increase.