So What Did You Do Today?

Whether it’s asked at the dinner table or when we have a quiet minute once the kids are in bed, this is the question that on some days I feel that I need an hour to answer.

Do I explain every single thing that I have done in one day’s time?
Do I include the three loads of wash that I washed, dried, folded and put away?
Should I mention that I completely emptied the refrigerator, cleaned all surfaces and then put everything back so it looks nice and neat?
Do I explain that I vacuumed the downstairs, including the steps and used that long angled accessory, that I’m not sure if it even has a real name, and went along the walls and into every crevice?
Do I even dare to mention changing all of the sheets and “febreze-ing” every room in the house?

Sometimes I feel this question is asked as a form of conversation starter, with the hopes of the answer being “Nothing much” with a shrug of the shoulders. This is the response I get from my daughter when I ask what she did at school today.

But my answer usually is focused on what I did during my hours at DDA. While seated behind my desk and tackling my role as search engine optimization specialist, I did several things yesterday. I was included in a website optimization review meeting, in which we discussed search engine rankings, content development and website usability. I worked on several websites, each one dramatically different from the next. I enrolled a new website into our SureThing Optimization Program, submitted press releases, and the list goes on and on. It is nice to know that each day brings something new and my answer to “what did you do today” varies from day to day.

This is only at DDA of course, because there is still at least 2 loads of wash just waiting for me when I get home today…