Technology-Free Weekend

This weekend we packed up the kids and made the 5-hour trek to upstate New York for a nice relaxing and technology-free weekend. Our portable DVD player broke so that was just the beginning of no technology! While driving through the small towns up there, I didn’t see the normal stores I am used to. There weren’t any malls, cell phone repair shops or video gaming stores. Just long stretches of highway overlooking Seneca Lake with row after row of grapevines that seem to run off into the horizon.

All naps, snacks, fights across car seats and potty breaks aside, we finally arrived around 3 p.m. and relaxation still seemed so far away.

With my antibacterial Clorox wipes in hand, I began my routine — wiping down of door knobs, shower and sink handles, and of course the germ-laden remote.

When I opened the trunk everyone laughed and asked, “How long do you plan on staying??”

With enough luggage for a two-week vacation, I ignored the mockery and begin to cart up bag after bag and unpacked my own sheets, towels and pillows. My fiancee has learned to accept my extreme vacation packing and just laughs it off.

The only piece of technology in our room was the television. Which really wasn’t even used that much. Our cell phones didn’t ring all weekend, (which was fabulous!) and I was miles away from my computer. This feeling can be crippling at first, since I am always checking my emails and eBay sales! But, I came to actually enjoy the time away from these necessities in my day to day life.

After a weekend of taking picture after picture of my surroundings, fishing, playing football and baseball, walking through Watkins Glen, which has to be the most breath-taking thing that I have ever seen, and sipping on wine, we packed everything up and headed home. After a long 6 1/2 hour ride home, we poured ourselves out of the car and were very happy to be home. After unloading everything and throwing in a few loads of wash, I began listening to answering machine messages and checking emails.

It was nice to have a weekend without all of the technology that I use on a daily basis, but I am glad to have it all back again!