Technology, Gotta Love It!

The advancements over the years in technology amaze me. I was thinking about this last night as I took my son into a public restroom and he was just holding his hands under the sink and patiently waiting for it to turn on by itself! It wasn’t an automatic sink so we actually had to turn it on by ourselves. Years ago this wasn’t even an option. I was in Philadelphia over the weekend and saw people riding around the streets on automatic scooters. We live in a world of automatic toilets, sinks, doors and even trashcans!

It makes me also think about the technology that has become normal for websites. When I first started working here, I don’t even think we had a website! Our first site was very basic, with text links and images of completed projects. Over the years, as you can see in our timeline, our website’s design began to transform. Today, our website has grown into a 3,000 page site with interactive flash elements, pages upon pages of keyword-rich content, magic layers and more! DDA is constantly adding to our website to keep things fresh and to keep up with the latest technology.