The Work Week is 3/4 Over!

Wednesdays are not so bad around here for us 4 day workers. Thursday is in sight, and that is when our weekend begins! DDA has been on a 10 hour 4 day work week for several years now. Come to think of it, I can hardly remember what it was like to work on a Friday. When I tell people that we are able to work a 4 day week, the responses are usually the same: “Wow, you’re so lucky”; “I wish I could work a 4 day week”; “I’m jealous”.

DDA’s website designers, programmers, illustrators, project coordinators and animators are able to manage their time so well that the 4 day work week is here to stay. Our clients know that if there is an emergency on a Friday, we are still able to help. Staffers may be “on call” on Fridays, but it is not usually necessary for us to come into the office.