Training Videos by DDA

This weekend we tried to potty train our youngest son. Notice that I said tried. We stayed in one room for four hours straight keeping a close eye on him and asking if he “had to go” too many times to count. He absolutely hated it and didn’t go on the potty chair at all. We had an appointment at 1 p.m. so we had to leave the house, which made the whole trial a failure. You’d think that this being our third child it would be easy, but each child is different and runs at their own pace. I wish I had a potty training video for him to watch!

At Dynamic Digital Adverising, a website design company near Philadelphia, our digital services include creating training videos. In fact, we have an entire website focused on the types of videos we can create for any business, From corporate spokesperson videos and product sales videos to educational videos and instructional videos, DDA can do it all. I happen to play a role in an onlivemation video for our medical division, DDA Medical. Onlivemation videos combine humans and 3d environments to create an amazing and seamless video product.

Our video department has the skills to create any type of video your company needs. Look at our video showcase to see an example of promotional cds and dvds, trade show videos or video animations that the talented crew at DDA has created.

Check out today to see the long list of digital videos we can create for you.