Jill of All Trades

When I leave DDA, a search engine marketing company, and drop the role as Search EngineOptimization Specialist, I can become quite crafty. Aside from website optimization, domain name registrations and my other daily duties, I love scrapbooking, crafting, organizing just about anything I can get my hands on, and can make a wicked birthday cake or two (see my son’s second birthday cake below). I can be a seamstress to a certain degree, make anything with Popsicle sticks, play sports with the boys, do hair and makeup with the girls, come up with games to keep kids entertained and clean until the cows come home. I could also mention my killer moves on the dance floor and amazing lyrical skills while singing every word to every song you throw at me, but that’s another story. I believe the saying is Jack of all Trades, Master of None… sounds about right.

This weekend, I will be attempting to sculpt a pirate ship out of cake and icing for my son’s 3rd birthday. Most people think that I am crazy and tell me that I should just buy it and save myself the time and aggravation. Or just to pick up a cake pan mold and throw some icing on it and be on my way, but what fun it that? After all is said and frosted, the look on my child’s face when they see their birthday cake is all that I need to feel that it was all worth it.

After all, I don’t use a “website mold” or template while I am at work so why should things change at home. At DDA, we tend to think outside the box and come up with some truly unique website designs. Sure, it would be much easier to use a template and it could save time during the process, but that is something that our graphic designers just do not believe in.

I will admit to still using boxed cake mix and icing (this kills my mother), but in the end as long as it tastes good and the kids are happy, whats the difference.

Here is the cartoon rocket ship from the show that he loves:

And here is my version in cake form: