Just Beachy!

DDA, a search engine marketing company, has been in our new office for three months now and by looking at my desk you’d never know it. In my old space I covered the partition with artwork from my children, family photos etc. After boxing it all up and moving into the new digs, I have a different setup and cannot just use push pins to decorate my space.

I knew that I wanted to go with a beach theme for my new office space. To me, there is no better place than the beach. Listening to the waves and feeling the sand between my toes… ahhh it the most relaxing thing to me. That is of course until, someone has sand in their eye, has to go to the bathroom, or wants to build a sandcastle.

But each day I’d walk in to begin my role of Search Engine Optimization Specialist and be greeted by bare walls and empty desk space. So over the weekend I said “Enough is enough, I am going to get something beachy for my desk if it kills me!”

So today as I walked into DDA with my homemade beach plant and accessories under my arms I felt just that extra bit cheerful. I quickly created a beach corner and instead of having a bunch of photographs with nowhere to pin them, I brought in my digital photo frame. It finally gave me a sense of peace and now I can begin my website optimization for the day.

We have several website’s enrolled in our SureThing Optimization Program and each one, like a seashell, is different from the next. At times it can feel like we have as many sites in our program as grains of sand on the beach! But this being the beginning of the month, it is not as overwhelming.

I am ready to dive in to the ocean of meta tags, feel the alt text between my toes and bask in the rays of my desk lamp…

sea shells