Just Call Me Jess…

After being on vacation for a beautiful week at the Jersey Shore, its nice to come back and be called Jess. During the course of the week I was referred to as, Susan’s daughter, Brynn, Will and Sean’s mother, and Jeff’s fiancee (while at a work event).

Once I walk through the doors at DDA, a search engine marketing company, I start my role as Jess, the Search Engine Optimization Specialist. Instead of sifting through the sand, digging holes, building sandcastles and basking in the sun all day, I will be digging through a week’s worth of emails, sifting through websites to optimize, building the text navigation to link to the new sections of the DDA site and basking in the glow of my trusty desk lamp.

While I was away the new sections of www.zeroonezero.com were completed and now it is up to me to create the linking from site to site for our medical division (ddamedical.com), video department (ddavideo.com), online applications (ddaapps.com), corporate and medical training (ddacmt.com) search engine marketing (ddasem.com), and US marketing for foreign firms (ddausa.com).

A lot has been updated on our website while I was away and now it’s my turn to see the website design and development work that our talented designers have come up with.