Just Give Me a Minute

These words can be heard several times throughout my day at home. Whether it’s when I am trying to get myself dressed and my son wants me to find his favorite toy, or when I am trying to make a quick phone call and this magical child radar goes off and they need something right at that exact second. Just give me a minute. Last night it felt like I didn’t have a second much less an entire minute to myself. In the normal after-karate rush to get my sons to bed, braiding my daughter’s hair (so it could be curly today), throwing in a load of wash and getting all backpacks and lunch boxes put away, all I wanted was a minute to sit down and relax.

I cleared the toys and jackets off the couch and just as I was about to take a nice big relaxing breath and sit…the buzzer on the dryer went off.

Fine, at least I would be able to sit and fold the clothes, right? Wrong. Just as I got the basket in front of me, my youngest came down the steps and needed a diaper change. So I ran upstairs, grabbed the wipes, a diaper and the empty laundry basket on my bed and was on my way back to the family room. I took one step and up into the air went the laundry basket, diaper and wipes and I went crashing down onto the steps sliding down all of them. Seriously? Did that have to happen right then!!!

So here I am today (sore and whiny) at DDA, a search engine marketing company, with nearly 500 minutes without having to hear, “Mom, I need you” or “Mom, can you get me…” Instead I hear, “Jess, can you find me this piece of software” or “Jess, can you register this URL for me.” Sure, I am a little slow walking around the office and the bruise that is showing its lovely colors is resting on my desk and bothering me every letter I type, but there is work that needs to be done. I need to complete website optimization for the sites enrolled in our SureThing Optimization Program. Today, I will continue adding social bookmarking code to websites, focus meta tags and implement other website optimization techniques that will increase website rankings in the search engines.

Hopefully I will be able to shake this headache and not be too sore for the weekend. Because for us DDA’ers, our weekend is just a few hours away!