Keep an Open Mind

Today I dealt with someone (not work related) who treated me unfairly. Whenever I’m in a situation like this, whether it’s a sales rep, insurance agent, receptionist, or anyone else, and I have the presence of mind to articulate and speak clearly, I ask them to take a step back and try to look at my situation with a clear mind.

What happens in day-to-day life, especially in the working world, is that we become jaded by the behavior and attitudes of people. Every job has its gripes and little pitfalls, like a teacher who’s had 150 children tell her that the paper wasn’t done on time because they had computer problems. It’s easy at that point, to develop a hardened attitude and automatically disbelieve every student who comes up with that excuse. But what if, after 150 children with the same lame excuse, there was one child who typed up their paper three weeks beforehand but didn’t print it because they’d run out of ink, and there was no money to buy ink until the night before the paper was due, and then on that night as they’re setting up the printer, there’s a freak, unrelated, catastrophic failure and everything on the computer, including the kid’s paper, is wiped out? Yeah, it sounds like a far fetched tale but the point is that it could actually happen, and if so, would be a legitimate accident that was completely out of the control of the child who’d actually prepared and completed the assignment well ahead of time.

So for all of those times that we automatically dismiss something someone tells us, as them trying to pull the wool over our eyes, we have to be mindful that there are people out there who have truly good intentions, and from some form of bad luck, have happened to land in the same pool as the others. In a nutshell, keep an open mind and try to stay positive.

This is just one more way that being a custom traditional and interactive marketing agency comes in handy. Evey client is unique, and every project is handled with a high level of care and attention, so our clients never feel like they’re just one of the many masses we serve on a daily basis. Whether it’s video production, custom programming, medical website design and development, search engine marketing (SEM), or even virtual medical simulations and iPad and iPhone friendly Flash conversion services, we treat our clients like individuals. Not only are we incredibly responsive, we work closely with our clients through each step of the process, and try to honor every single client request. We offer suggestions, feedback, and advice, but at the end of the day our clients are in charge.

So, no matter the business, company, or position, I think we could all benefit from taking a deep breath and treating every patient/consumer/client as an individual, and not judge them based on the legions of people that have come before.