Keeping Integrity in Medical and Corporate Marketing

If you recall an earlier blog I wrote, the other week I saw a man on the local news predicting the weather from now until spring. He called for two more large snowstorms before the end of winter, one of which was to occur in February. Well, it would appear he was right on the money, at least for this storm. All I can hope is, he’s wrong about the rest. He wasn’t painting a very nice picture for spring. I’ll give you a clue, make sure to have an umbrella handy from March to May.

I guess sometimes, predictions do come true. It’s always better when you have the expertise, equipment, and knowledge backing you up. That’s usually when you can convert a maybe to a definite.

At DDA, we do a lot of converting as well and more than just from a technical perspective. Because of our super excellency in search engine marketing (SEM), we get a lot of requests via the search engines. When I say a lot, I should probably rephrase to say, nearly all. It’s our job to explain what we do, how we can help, and show off our legions of amazing work in all product categories, which let’s be honest here, basically sell themselves.

But perhaps the biggest and most critical conversion, is turning a promise into a reality. Our goal is to build long-term relationships, so it is vitally important to us to be as upfront and transparent with our clients as possible, and never promise something we can’t deliver. Sure, we have the in-house capabilities to do just about anything, from website design and development, custom programming, and comprehensive eLearning platform development to video production and animation to medical marketing and healthcare communications, but if we can’t meet your deadline or the project’s not right, we’ll tell you. And if we do agree to meet your deadline or start on your project, you can be sure we’re going to make good on our promises.

That’s what having integrity is all about. Unfortunately, it would appear that the weather forecaster/predictor also has integrity. Bummer.