Keeping it Mild

Well we went from super cold and frosty to kind of cold and rainy in just a day. The fact that we are still getting rain instead of snow in mid-January is clear evidence that this is a mild winter. I’m perfectly fine with a mild winter this year since we really got hammered last year and also had that brief November blizzard this year. My shoveling skills could use a year off. My family had to go through a 6 day power outage earlier this year after the storm brought down trees all over the place. That experience of not having power was the most miserable thing and made me appreciate electricity and running water so much more. I was thrilled to have running water and lights when I got to work, but dreaded going back home at night where I had to live and move by flashlight and candlelight. We really didn’t have much entertainment other than board games and books, but reading in poor light really bothered my eyes. It was a long time without power but it felt even longer.

DDA is in a business area so it gets some priority in power restoration situations. Only once can I think of a time when we lost power for so long that we had to leave. Even then it kept teasing us by coming on briefly and going back out. Since we are such a digitally focused company we do virtually everything on the computer. We do things like digital photography, 3D animation, flash animation, copywriting, SEM, advanced programming, video editing, and more. Check out one of our numerous portfolios to get a sense of the work we can do. Then, give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.