Keywords and Website Design

Keywords are words that that you want to identify and target in your website site, because those are the terms people are typing into Google. I think the term ‘keyphrase’ is better. This is because as users get more savvy they are no longer using single words to search for an item but actual phrases. The more specific a phrase the more likely that the user will find what they are looking for.

If you don’t do your keyword research until you start creating content, then you are already too late. Keywords are probably the most important step when it comes to creating your websites architecture. They are not only crucial to the content but also to how the pages are laid out and grouped together. The structure of the site can act like a lens, focus the site on the keyword groups that matter most.

Here at DDA, early keyword research is always a main priority when creating a new website for a client; we won’t even consider creating a menu let alone a design without first having locked down exactly what terms we are targeting.