Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of the Way

Last night I got a long distance call. It was a friend from Toronto, Canada who is also a business owner. We had a very spirited talk, that naturally included the “New Normal”, how to stay afloat in a time of economic flux. We talked about cutting staff and hours and not buying new equipment, but we also talked about how important it is to forge ahead from our small corners of the world. I shared how part of how we stay motivated is to realize that summer is traditionally slow so we have to spend the time wisely. In our case, DDA works on projects that will enhance our importance to the corporate and medical communities we serve. (She loves DDA Medical). And she stressed that if you have good employees, you should not lay off as new hires (and there are too many people looking for work right now in Canada and here) can cost a lot in terms of training. Amen to that, I said.

She also asked me if I had seen the article from Reuters that proved how important first impressions are. I had. Basically  the article which waa a survey, documented comments from Canadian CEOs, 25 % who said they would not hire anyone with a single mistake on their resume. 28% said two mistakes would kill the applicant’s chances. What was almost comical were the mistakes they cited. One was “Dear Sir or Madman” and “I have a keen eye for derail”. Oh well.

Which brought my friend back to DDA. She is one of those very critical, professorial people who cringes at the misuse of the King’s English. Yes, she is originally from England, very proper and very educated. And she thinks what we do at DDA is marvelous (her words, not mine). How so, I probed. Your websites are very informative, content is rich and easy to use, plus you really pay attention to detail.

So kudos to all who toil under the DDA banner. Those of us who support graphic designers and videographers, those of us who work tirelessly on SEO, our business development team constantly selling, educating, and selling again and again. Our content developers who do not give up even when the writing project is repetitive, and all of us who wear several hats each and every week. Our culture separates us from the pack, and when the economic recovery starts, and it will slowly, we will help lead the way back to prosperity.

According to The Kiplinger Letter, a very old and respected publication, typically, productivity leaps follow a recession. And one of the areas to watch closely is medical, an arena where DDA intends to be in the forefront .