Learning Something New Everyday

With the diversity in website designs that I work on each day as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist at DDA, an interactive website design company, it is no surprise that I learn something new everyday. When I begin implementing optimization elements into website enrolled in our SureThing Search Engine Optimization Program, I read through the keyword-rich content created by our copywriters. One day I can be reading about the products and technologies associated with prostate and kidney cryotherapy on a medical website we designed and the next learn about floor scrubbing machines.

I also enjoy learning new techniques here and there in Dreamweaver. I have been working in this program for many years now, and anytime I can learn something new it is exciting. Every night at the dinner table, I ask the kids what they learned that day in school. After their explanations, I tell them something that I learned at work, and it is usually met with confused faces and then someone asking for more juice. While search engine marketing and optimization is not important to them, it is very important to our clients, and I work hard to make their rankings increase in the search engines.