Let The Buyer Beware*

Today, too many of us lose sight of the old expression, “You get what you pay for.” Granted there are numerous bargains out there that are quality goods, but there is also a lot of sub par items. So no matter what you are in the market for, be judicious, don’t be pushed into buying something just because of price.

This is true in the world of advertising, marketing and promotions as well.  Our business development team field questions every week from would be “buyers” that are just looking for a rock bottom price. No thought given to whether the service or product will produce results for them. Our team is good at letting “searchers” know that DDA is not that kind of vendor. We do not accept projects where the expectations are unrealistic or the budget too skimpy to create what is needed to generate revenue for the organization requesting a quote. This is true of all we do, even if it is only designing and printing a simple sell sheet.

Too many times in the past year we have heard from disgruntled marketing executives about projects they have had to scrap because the vendor they chose could not perform. That will never happen at DDA. We take the responsibility of working with a client very seriously. Our rates are low for the very custom work we produce in all the departments from video and flash animation, to programming to graphic design to some of the most detailed search engine optimization available today.

And nothing we do is ever outsourced offshore. So clients interact with the team that stays with the project from start to finish!

*Caveat Emptor!