Let your Website age, Google likes the taste better

The tip of the week is for people launching brand new websites. Don’t launch one with a brand new domain name; well, don’t do that if you expect it to rank well.

Due to Google’s aging delay for all new domains, it can take up to six months just for your site to, and that is on the quick side. It is more like eight to nine months even up to 12.

The idea of the aging delay in Google’s eyes, is to stop people creating spam, like throw-away sites that can rank well for a few months before being blocked. If you have to wait six months, it simply takes those sites away from spammers as a tool for quick rankings.

But wait, we do have solutions.

  1. The best one is to use your existing domian name. This name will already have links to it and a history of content.
  2. Second best would be to use a subdomain, i.e leaves.trees.com would be a good site for your leaves branch of your firm if your main firm was trees.com. You don’t get any existing links but the domain is established in Google’s eyes.
  3. As a good website is not built overnight, but is a project lasting several months, you could plan ahead and buy the new name as soon as you start to create a new site. Simply post up a quick brochure style site or holding page, so that Google can find the domain and it will enter the aging process as you and your website design company create your new site. Thus when you launch your full site, it will not have as long to wait to be ranked.

If you have already launched your site on a new domain, then don’t worry you will rank. You just have to be patient and wait for Google.