Let’s Work Smart!

“So far it is no Great Depression.” This statement from October 6, 2008 Business Week. The article goes on to cite statistics playing up the difference between the crisis today and that of 1928-1934. For example: “personal income shrank 25 % by 1933. Today including such government transfer payments as Social Security, it’s down 5 % since it peaked in May.” Also revealing: “Almost 10,000 commercial banks disappeared from 1929-1934. Since August 2007, 14 banks–and 3 major investment houses have gone the same way.” Granted we have an incredible financial crisis. However, how many of us understand the difference between the 2008 mess and the 1928 total meltdown.

The primary source of news for most people is one’s network of choice. And the media is never taken to task during presidential elections for skewing truth. Both liberals and conservatives are guilty. And because of the internet, gossip, half truths, ugly jokes from all the late night shows, and outright lies bombard live broadcast. It is hard to ignore the constant outcry and finger pointing from the politicians and the so called experts. It is hard to ignore the debacle in the housing and commercial real estate markets. But what is even scarier, and affects businesses large and small is that let’s-not-do-anything-right-now-syndrome.

As I write, there are meetings going on at all levels in other companies’offices, in every time zone across the U.S., planning what to do if stagnation continues. Job security looks tenuous to many employees in many businesses. Maybe not today, but in a few months. Many expenditures originally planned, are being postponed or dropped. And it affects all businesses, from plumbers to contractors, from dentists to health spas, from IBM to GM, and marketing and advertising projects are traditionally and mistakenly often the first to be cut. In other words, the domino effect.

But, if every staff member at DDA works diligently, we can avoid having to have those close door meetings. Our graphic designers have some hefty projects, our video department is very busy with medical and commercial presentations, there is action scripting and flash work to complete for different videos, our business development team is working hard to convert new prospects into new clients. Our SEO specialists typically do more than their share to keep all the websites we maintain in tip-top shape. In other words, we have to turn a deaf ear to the negativity about the economy and pretend we are all bumble bees. As you know, the bumble bee did not know it could fly, and yet look at it soar!