Location marketing

In the not-to-distant future, marketing is supposed to get even more localized with the advance in web-enabled cell phone with GPS. In theory, you can target ads down to a few meters of a person’s location, presenting endless opportunities for sales, from free toppings on your pizza offers at your local shops to half price on inflatable crocodiles from the shack on the beach.

This technology has been been promised now for many years but with the new Iphone and other smart phones, like the nokia N95 it seems much closer than ever.

But there are still ways you can locally market your products and services, using Search Engine Optimization. This is smart in two ways, not only will it be easier to rank for “inflatable crocodiles avalon” than just”inflatable crocodiles,” you have a higher chance of converting the customer if they are local, especially if it is a service or item that is expensive to ship.