Luxuries of Life

This past holiday weekend was rather enjoyable and filled with the element of surprise. After a day a DDA on Wednesday I headed to Atlantic City for a relaxing stay with my aunt at the Water Club. This hotel is new and full of amenities and we were quite overwhelmed. Being one to not stay at fancy hotels such as the Water Club, I was in awe over the fully stocked mini-bar, so of course I had to check it out.

Well, wouldn’t you know that the mini-bar was computerized? Whenever you pull out a bottle, can, or box it triggers a sensor under that particular item and within thirty seconds your room is charged the outrageous price for that item. Luckily I never took anything out for more than 30 seconds so we were not charged.

Technology is a truly amazing thing and it covers such a wide spectrum of our world these days. From computerized programs that send you a bill to an everyday email that keeps people far and near in contact. As technology continues to gain popularity, it will only continue to improve as more and more people will become knowledgeable.

It is a shame that the Internet is a resource that many throw by the wayside and take for granted. People use the Internet search engines daily to look up information without knowing how it works, as long as they get what they want everything is okay.