Magical Marketing

The power of advertising is truly remarkable. Children have favorite television shows, bands, restaurants, and stores all based on what they have seen on TV. My fiancée’s 3-year-old step-niece recognizes Hanna Montana in a heartbeat and she sings along to her CD while in the car. While on vacation in Puerto Rico, we met a couple who told us about their 5-year-old son who wanted to go see the Jonas Brothers concert and he had to have his hair like them.

Is it safe to allow children to identify with fictional characters? Now maybe my opinion will change some day, should I decide to have children of my own. For now, I feel like the bigwigs of advertising are taking advantage of a child’s innocence. If a child wants to look up to someone let it be their parents, grandparents, or invisible friend. Not someone who has been created by the entertainment industry to make a profit.

While DDA strives to develop one-of-a-kind marketing strategies, we always stay on track with the truth. If you want your product to have magical qualities, then it should really have magical qualities that we can use as examples.