Making A Difference

With the advent of the digital age, like it or not, the English language has changed. Whether Mr. Webster would appreciate the new acronyms and abbreviations is subject to debate. But he would not contest the fact that today’s idiom is peppered with colorful phrases and terms courtesy of the ever exploding cyber world.

Two terms you should add to your own mix if you work in marketing and advertising are VLE and VMS. VLE is the umbrella term and covers all learning done virtually from simple how to subjects to complex medical procedures utilizing lab tools and machines.  Medicine has become such a specialized field that it is comforting to know that nurses, doctors, medical techs in cardiology or oncology or urology to name a few have ways to learn what is required of them through virtual simulation without practicing on real patients, and DDA is privileged to be immersed in several medical projects that are not only life saving but also light years ahead in application.

We are proud of the interactive media work we are doing requiring video, 2D and 3D animation and complex web platforms. Check out our online portfolios and see for yourself, and then call us if you are in the market for a new website or want to embed video in your present site, or better still want to know more how you can utilize VLE with your product or service.