Making a New Version

I’m in the process of turning the DDA portfolio into an iPhone and iPad compatible form. Using jQTouch has made this process a bit easier with their pre-made functions to use. That doesn’t change the fact though that our portfolios are humongous. You can imagine that over the course of 16 years of being in business we have accumulated quite the collection of works and we want to show them all. This means adding data for the title, link, image, and maybe a description to the database for each and every portfolio item.  For each category so far I’ve added up to 6 items each, which gave me 265 items to enter the data for into the database. And that’s limited to 6 items! Some of these sections have over 100 items each! It could take a while to get everything in there.

You see, when you offer services in so many areas like DDA does, you can rack up quite a list of work. From quick small projects to yearlong endeavors, we have a little bit of it all. We do digital photography, 3D animation, videography, advanced programming,  copywriting, custom web design, SEM, and everything in between. We even have our own in-house video studio with a green screen for our video work. The possibilities are endless.

In the meantime you can check out our completed live portfolio. That should keep you busy, while I finish up the Apple-friendly one.