Making History

It seems like Philadelphia sports figures have been making a lot of history lately. The Flyers came back from a 3 game deficit in the playoffs for the third time ever in hockey. The Phillies’ pitcher Roy Halladay just pitched the 20th perfect game ever. That’s two very rare accomplishments all happening within a month of each other for this city. I do know though that the Philadelphia residents would rather see a Stanley Cup win than any other rare records right now. I lived with some crazed Philadelphia sports people for a lot of my college career and they live sports. One even has a successful Philadelphia sports blog that he started himself. When he talks sports, he can talk for days. Luckily for him, he was able to turn his passion into a profession, so it doesn’t feel like work on most days. Since so much money is poured into this seemingly unnecessary sports world, there are ways for even these non-athletes to profit from it. Same thing with the movie and TV industries. Tons of money invested and paid and it’s all only for entertainment value.

Here at DDA, we have some sports fanatics and some movie fanatics, and those who don’t give a hoot about either. The thing that we all have in common is a knowledge of our area of media. Everyone here works somehow in the digital realm. We have 3D animators, Flash animators, programmers, graphic designers, videographers, SEO specialists, and copywriters. Each does their part as we construct custom websites, custom videos, and custom print for our clients. We work 40 hours over 4 days every week to make innovative projects for our clients and ourselves. We then reward ourselves with a nice 3-day weekend. If you have any media needs, give us a call and we can help you out in that area.