Making It Personal

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time at Jefferson Memorial hospital in central Philadelphia. I had been talking with one of the nurses there when she asked me what I did for a living. I told her I was a digital animator, and that my company, DDA, has extensive experience in the field of medical animation and 3D medical simulations. After she mentioned that someone at the hospital was recently seeking talent in 3D animation for the medical field, I made sure to give her our card before leaving.

It is so important to have a web presence these days, and indeed DDA itself has staff devoted to search engine optimized marketing and developing new ways to get companies and medical organizations online exposure. But let’s try not to forget that there was a time before internet, a time when meeting face-to-face was one of the most effective ways to market both yourself and your company. We’re not always going to be interacting through the little glowy boxes on our desks; it is important to be able to get out there and communicate with people on a personal level. That’s why DDA also takes pride in its courteous, professional staff that adds a level of personal interaction you won’t get from any outsourced firm. We like meeting new people – so why not come and meet us!