Making Time Work For Us!

Well, daylight saving time is over. Funny how that one hour can make such a difference, Sunday morning seemed so long!

But back to reality Monday. At DDA, we begin, the work day full steam ahead. Our Video/Flash/Interactive Department is particularly under the gun with several very complex projects. Everyone back there is glued to their screen and each one of that crew does not even look up when you enter the studio. The deadlines are tight, but I have every confidence that with skill, hard work and a little luck the end of the month will see several WOW projects posted to our medical and corporate portfolios.

Meanwhile, our graphic designers are working on trade show graphics and a very unusual color project that takes not only a keen eye, but also an understanding of subtleties in color. What is that Japanese expression, “there are a hundred shades of gray,” and our client obviously trusts our collective eye because this is the fourth or fifth time we have tackled this project for them. Some of those color chips are truly exotic, camouflage for example. Is that a soft dirty green with a little yellow and black? Our lead designer knows, as does Crystal who shepherds said project.

Outside the parking lot is still thick with fallen leaves, (the landscapers were here over the weekend) but we are in the middle of gorgeous oak and maple trees. Pretty to look at fallen leaves, dangerous when wet. It does add to Autumn’s ambiance, and so while we diligently check our email and make sure no client request has gone unanswered, we quickly glance out the windows and watch more leaves spiral downward. And in between meetings, conference calls and furious typing, there is time to head to the kitchen for a quick breakfast of newly minted bagels, orange juice, freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

Yes, DDA is in full swing this first Monday in November, watching the clock, cognizant that with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, 2010 is fast approaching.  We have to make time work for us.