Manufacturing 101

This is a follow up to my last blog on Marketing 101. In it, I raved about the family in our neighborhood that has their young children raising organic vegetables for sell on a table on their front lawn. Not only were the vegetables delicious and inexpensive but the proceeds were being used to provide the kids with spending money for their trip to Disney World.

My blog raved about the life lessons and great attitudes the children were developing from this summer long exercise. It also mentioned the handwritten sign proclaiming the availability of “One Big Fresh Watermelon”.

I was, and still am VERY IMPRESSED by the marketing acumen, perseverance, and enthusiasm of the children and the parenting by the adults. But, as with all businesses, the product delivered is key. Whether it be an elearning website, a medical CME, a corporate video, a Personal Health Record programming project or a watermelon the product must be superior for the company to flourish. Unfortunately, not only was the watermelon not red inside, nor sweet and juicy…in fact it wasn’t even edible.