Marketing a Vineyard

Had an interesting experience yesterday that relates well to describing DDA’s positioning strategy. We have lived in Bucks County, PA for over 20 years. In fact right in the heart of Bucks County.

The Chamber of Commerce of Bucks County coordinated and publicized, with a brochure and website, a vineyard tour of the nine Bucks County Vineyards. The tour took place yesterday. I must confess to not knowing that there were so many vineyards, open to the public, right in our backyard. It was a beautiful day and the event was fun, relaxed and delicious. Each vineyard was partnered with a food purveyor who also offered tastings and samples and items for sale.

Three vineyard examples stand out. The first and smallest had a small facility, very limited production, one good wine, and many that were, in my palate’s opinion, poor to mediocre. The second vineyard had a grand facility, spectacular landscaping, poor to mediocre quality wines and prices more than double that of the first. The difference in pricing was a result of their marketing approach. Pennsylvania controls alcohol in the state. All sales are via the State liquor Stores. A big revenue stream for the state. In order to sell to and through the state, a vineyard must discount their wine 45% off of their retail price. The choice they are left with is essentially either keep the price low, sell only through their own outlet(s) and make a profit but grow slowly. 2. Sell to the state, mark up their wine through their outlet(s) to match the State Store’s price to the point of making an exorbitant profit when they sell direct, and sell much less direct to the public. Which is right is in the eye of the beholder, or in this case the drinker.

There was a third vineyard however, that most closely resembles the DDA way of doing business. It reflects our approach to developing medical and corporate websites, medical and corporate videos, e-learning platforms, custom programming, graphic design, live streaming web casting, photography and so much more. This vineyard had very nice grounds, with sculptures, a peaceful environment and a nice and very state-of-the-art plant and facility and THE BEST WINE OF ALL OF THEM. Additionally, they did not sell to and through the state so their prices were the lowest, plus they were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, responsive and professional.

So next time you need a smooth tasting, full-bodied red or blue or yellow, with a great nose and a buttery aftertaste, or a semisweet Riesling with a light fruity playfulness turn to DDA for the price, technology, quality and creativity you have been looking for.