Marketing Advantage

This weekend we planted our garden. I spent a good chunk of Friday preparing the soil for planting, and on Saturday we bought our plants. We have four varieties of hot peppers, one sweet banana pepper, a golden yellow pepper, two green peppers (I know, a lot of pepper), five different varieties of tomatoes, one tomatillo, shallots and scallions, lettuce, three kinds of basil, thyme, cilantro, and rosemary. We hope to get some cantaloupe and a cherry tomato plant, and then we’ll be all set.

I’m happy we expanded this year and I’m excited to see how well it does. It’s quite a lot of space, and we didn’t really get the full picture of the size, until we started planting and were left with a lot of empty spots. Truthfully, in past years it’s worked the exact opposite for us.

Marketing and advertising can be like this. Some companies don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into until they attempt to market themselves. Sometimes a company will select just any old website developer and then a few months down the line, realize it’s doing absolutely nothing for them, no amount of significant website traffic is coming in. On other occasions, a healthcare company may want to explore an eLearning application, and upon some research, begin to realize that they’re going to need a much more advanced training method than originally thought. This is exactly why DDA offers innovative website design and development, search engine marketing (SEM), and virtual medical simulation services in-house.

After offering full-service interactive and traditional marketing and advertising in-house for more than a decade, we understand that it takes a lot of effort, strategy, and bold ideas to be successful. That’s also why we’re continuously adding new capabilities onto our already long list, like our newest division, AppleSavvy, which converts existing Flash websites to run on the iPad and iPhone and develops new websites that are compatible.

When you’re not sure how to best leverage what you have, turn to DDA. We have the tools and the expertise to help you achieve success.