Marketing on the Sly

This morning I’m not feeling particularly creative on the blog front. No colorful anecdotes from my day-to-day life or interesting NPR stories to share. No little bits of wisdom or thoughtful insights. So instead, I’ll take that real clever, sly, and slightly easy-way-out approach of pretending to write about nothing just so I can pepper in all of the services we offer in an unorganized, willy-nilly kind of fashion.

So, for me to follow that kind of pattern I’d have to mention virtual medical simulations or video production or the advanced search engine marketing (SEM) techniques we offer. I, of course, couldn’t forget about website design and development, interactive marketing, medical and healthcare IT marketing, corporate advertising, eLearning platforms, and animations. And, let’s face it, what cop-out post would be complete without mentioning AppleSavvy, our new division that’s all about converting existing Flash sites to be iPad and iPhone friendly and developing new compatible sites?

I guess that about does it. Can’t think of anything else to say, except maybe graphic design, branding, brochure design and development, and perhaps medical illustrations. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get my creative wind back.