Marketing Opinions Backed Up by Experience

This past weekend, we prepared for our vegetable garden. While it’ll remain in the same spot it has for most of the 5 years of gardening at our home, we expanded the space, which I’m excited about. We tried our luck at hot peppers for the first time last year and I’d like to expand to include more varieties. My boyfriend also keeps mentioning cantaloupe, but I’m not sure if we have enough space, due to the vines and all. We’ll see. In any case, I’m excited. My absolute favorite part about summer is being able to step out my backdoor and pluck things from my garden to use for dinner.

One thing that seemed to be of debate was the rototilling. We did indeed rototill, but I heard yesterday from a friend that some experts (including Mike McGrath of You Bet Your Garden) say rototilling is bad. I never heard that before and was a bit shocked. After all, we may not have the greatest garden, but we have gotten a fairly good crop each year, and our neighbor, who has a garden that makes me drool, rototills. After a little more research it turns out it really depends on the type of soil you have. I’m guessing since our soil seems to respond that we’re not hurting it any.

In almost everything in life, you’ll get more than one side to a story. In the case of website design and development and search engine marketing (SEM) you could probably get 100 different stories. At DDA, we take what we do seriously, continuously evolving our services and capabilities to offer more to our clients and adapt with changing technologies. When post retrofit optimization was no longer effective, we created a proprietary search engine optimized website development process that now gets our clients hundreds and thousands of rankings on the first page of Google. For eLearning, we began developing sate-of-the-art virtual medical simulations and now we’re evolving yet again with the addition of AppleSavvy, a website devoted to converting existing sites so they’re iPad and iPhone friendly and developing new sites that are compatible.

There may be a lot of opinions out there when it comes to traditional and interactive marketing and advertising techniques, but in the end, experience matters, as does a history of success. I know my garden produces a good bounty even after rototilling and I can point to the bags of frozen fresh vegetables we had all winter as an example. And no matter what it is that you’re interested, DDA has a success story to point to as well to prove that our methods really do produce results.