Marketing with Legs and Zero Creepiness

The drive into work today was an uncomfortable one, and not because I had my windows completely open with the wind whipping through the car. It was the reason why I’d rolled down the winds in the first place that was making me squirm.

I was just a few blocks from home this morning, when all of a sudden a daddy long legged spider came waltzing across the dash. Typically, I’m not afraid of spiders, but the suddenness, size, and close proximity made me squeamish.  Even still, I remained calm as I pulled over to the side of the road and tried to coax it out of the vehicle. It was on the last attempt when it disappeared all together (and I couldn’t spot it scuttling away on the ground) that I got a little spooked. I spent the next 50 minutes or so of my commute with the windows down and my eyes constantly darting upward.

Now here I am safe at DDA, not wondering if a huge spider is about to come walking on my head. I know that daddy long leggers are harmless (well at least to humans) but they’re just not pretty, and are, well, kind of creepy. The hilarious part is I’d probably be more prone to let a smaller, more poisonous spider go than I would this huge creature, but what can I say, appearances matter.

At DDA, none of the work we do will  ever cause a rash or any other adverse physical effects. There is no poison and you could hardly call it scary. Well Inside Out Man may qualify, but that’s another story. We do, however, put great stock in appearances. We are careful in the work we do; this not only includes the production and development end of it, but the work we take on. Even with the downturn of the economy we managed to hold onto our integrity and shy away from doing cookie-cutter or template work that would take away from our custom image.

Instead, we focused on new growth opportunities and continued to innovate and evolve. As a result, our full-service medical marketing and advertising division, DDA Medical, grew to encompass the majority of the work we do, and we didn’t just stay stagnant in our offerings either. In addition to the traditional video production, print, and website design and development and advanced programming and search engine marketing (SEM) technologies, we expanded into the interactive, with comprehensive eLearning platforms and virtual medical simulations.

Because of our efforts and commitment to producing quality work, DDA has managed to stay afloat in this challenging economy, and we’re not stopping our evolution anytime soon. Leaders in the digital world are just now starting to lecture about the transition of a web-centric Internet to a more mobile path, while DDA has been moving in this direction for some time. As the original universal developer, DDA creates videos, websites, animations, and more that are compatible across all browsing devices and platforms. Our newest division, AppleSavvy, offers premium Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone compatible development services to ensure that you’re reaching everyone in your target audience, whether they’re at a desk or on the move.

But the best thing of all is, even as we continue to grow and tack on more and more capabilities to our already full list, we will never look as menacing or downright creepy as the spider currently taking residence in my car. That’s such a good thing.