Mastering the Art of _____

Fill in the space with anything — the secret to mastering anything is in the approach.

Last weekend, I saw Julie & Julia, about Julia Child and how she wrote her first cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. Following her during the 8-year-long process while she was living in France, it’s obvious why her cookbook is such a success. She was dedicated to producing a cookbook that would be foolproof, completely accessible, and easy to use: she tested every recipe, included crucial secrets that other cookbooks left out, she rewrote the book once in order to convert measurements to English units, and she spoke directly to her American audience, which was mostly “servantless”, as opposed to the French.

You’ll find DDA takes this kind of approach, too. DDA has a commitment to producing the best possible productEvery step we take helps keep us on track, from in-house and client meetings, concept sketches, content writing, reviewing and proofing. Because of our experience streamlining process, whether it’s a videoprogramming, or graphic design project, we avoid running into the problem of ‘too many cooks in the kitchen spoiling the broth’. Bon Appetit!