Medical and Corporate Videos

So far this week I have spent most of my time as a doctor discussing medical services and healthcare IT instead of my usual SEO Specialist role. In between takes I have been doing little bits of website optimization, but for the most part we have been filming medical video clips for our medical website, DDA Medical. Shooting medical videos is not as easy as it may appear. I have stumbled over many of these medical terms once or twice… okay maybe a few more than that. It seems that I get into the groove of acting and need less takes per script about an hour before I need to leave for the day. I am hoping that we can try to finish the rest of the medical scripts today, but I am not feeling great and am not sure if I will be able to pull it off.

But, Jake just called me and it is already time to get started.  So now I must go and get ready to smile for the camera!