Medical marketing or training

You have a new medical product or concept; the problem is how do you explain it do potential users? The best way? To sit done with a user to demonstrate the equipment, explain what it’s benefits are and how it can be used by them to solve their problem. Your problem is that there is only one of you and unless your new medical product is a cloning chamber, that won’t change, and that’s going to seriously hamper your ability to show and explain your product to each user.

Enter DDA medical. With or team of experts in 3D animation, Video, Flash, Usability and Medical writing, we can create the perfect Online presentation tool for your medical device. It can be tailored purely as a sales piece, a training tool, or both. Our in-house video studio, complete with Green screen and Professional grade HD cameras, gives us the ability to record you and allow you to sell your equipment like your in the room with your client. If you’re camera shy, no problem. You can work personally hand-in-hand with one of our degreed script writers then choose and a presenter from of our exclusive network of actors to deliver the lines exactly how you want them.

Call us today @ 215-355-6442 and we can show you how DDA medical can work with you to create your medical marketing and meet all your training needs.