Medical Marketing that Tears Down Walls

The other day I decided to clean the oven. It needed doing. As I know how curious and unafraid Moxie is, I decided to pull out an old piece of HardieBacker that we used to keep her barricaded in the kitchen when we first brought her home, to teach her proper bathroom habits. She’s still fairly small so I thought it would work just fine. That is until I turned my back for three minutes.  When I looked again, she was perched at the top of the makeshift wall, staring at me. Though I did a fairly good job of keeping her away from the cleaning area without any structural support, there was one incident where she ran right over the work zone. That ended with her paws being washed to remove any oven cleaner she may have picked up. She wasn’t a fan.

Companies can outgrow things as well and unlike Moxie, the reverse can happen, they hit a wall. DDA is pretty good at helping our clients to scale those walls and break out into new and brighter horizons. Our full-service medical marketing, healthcare communications, and corporate advertising services can help fulfill any need and open up a realm of possibilities you may never have even thought of.

Expand education efforts with DDA’s virtual medical simulation solutions and/or comprehensive eLearning platform development, bring in thousands of first page search engine ranking with our advanced search engine marketing (SEM) techniques, and wow audiences with high-quality video production.

At DDA, we can help you tear down those walls that are holding you back. And if needed, we can always call on Moxie. She’s pretty good at it.