Medical Meta Tags

By now, you may have picked up on the fact that I am a beach bum.  Throughout my childhood, there were many day trips to the beach which turned into weekends down the shore with my grandparents, and now has evolved into weeks with the parents, weekends with the in-laws and grandparents all with my three kiddies and husband in tow. What can I say, I am very lucky to be down the shore as often as I am. Which will be just about every weekend from now until September. (Sorry, but I had to rub it in a little.)

Now, the only thing that is coming between me and my weekend of beach and boardwalk bliss, is a medical website designed for and by DDA. has become my newest optimization task. Since the site contains page after page of keyword-rich content, I need to dedicate any extra time that I have each day to the site. So I run down my checklist of SureThing Clients in the morning, and once I finish lunch and blogging, I begin my medical meta tag magic.

Today, I will be working on the custom programming section of the site. I will be reading about customer relations management intranets, medical CRMs, programming add-ons, database development, specialized tracking tools, personal health records and grant application portals.