When it comes to my blog today I am drawing a blank so I am going to take a moment to respond to Laura’s, our lead copywriter, post today.

Where was I on 9/11/2001? It was the 2nd or 3rd week of my freshman year at Temple University – Ambler Campus and I was in my Latin American studies course (not related to my major but fulfilled a graduation requirement). We did not hear the news during class but when we exited our classroom campus, it felt very different. On my way from school to work I made a stop at the McDonald’s and this is where I saw the plane hit the second building.

Seeing this was followed by a phone call to my mother and father who were both at work. Upon which I received instructions that I needed to pick up my younger brother (he was in elementary school at the time) since they were letting the students out early. I questioned why he needed to be picked up since he walked to and from school. The school required that all walkers be picked up due to the circumstances.

At this time in my life, I was fresh out of high school and not accustomed to sporadic changes in my schedule. In my mind, I knew I went to school, to work, and then home.

Today, if I have a day that is so consistent I panic. Everyday is full of the unexpected at DDA. While we all have our own task lists, our actions can easliy stray if we are called upon for guidance or for assistance on any of the various projects that we currently have in our midsts. The graphic designers need to work with the programmers; the writers need to work with the graphic designers, etc.

I am sure that if everyone kept track of who they talked to throughout the day, they would see that each day, the majority of contact we have is with our coworkers.