2010: The year we break IE6

As you may have already read in my last blog, 2001: A Browser Oddity, I was a little curious as to why IE6 is still used so prolifically even though it is so outdated and inferior. Well good news folks. It appears a few guys with a little more cloth than me have also had enough of this ridiculousness. YouTube is reportedly cutting support for the aligning browser, with Digg hinting the same. This becomes significant if you factor in that YouTube is the 3rd most trafficked site on the Internet and Digg a respectable 145th* (*According to Alexa)

This is nothing but good new for everyone concerned and hopefully these will be the first of many nails to seal the coffin of IE6, and let us enter the next decade with at least the ability to use PNG with transparency that is useful.

Then we can all enjoy designing websites that bring joy to everyone who visits them.