A one man band

Creating a website is easy, any Joe Schmo can make one and have it live within a day. Which is all well and good, but how well can one person make a website by themselves? They may have the skill set, but is a one man band ever as good as a real band? Obviously, no, they are not even close. In fact, most of the time, a ‘one man band’ is just a clambering mess of sound.

The best way to break this down is to see what goes into a common website.

At the bare minimum a typical website from DDA would have:

Website Architect: To develop the structure and menu, in a user friendly and search engine visible way.
Designer: To create the visually pleasing appeal of the site.
Programmer: To do programming needs like forms, intelligent tracking, user login and shopping carts, etc.
Writer: To create the content from a sales point and from an SEO perspective.
Webmaster: To setup and host the site.

As I said, this is the basic staff of a website– you could very well need a flash artist, a videographer and editor, and an SEO expert post launch.

No one person, no matter how skilled, could ever be as good a well trained team. In every aspect of life, everyone is a specialist–you don’t go to your proctologist if you’re having trouble reading the fine print of your favorite Jackie Collins novel at night, do you.