Doctor Watson


Having recently watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie, it was interesting to note Doctor Watson and the differences between this late nineteenth Health Care Practitioner and his modern day counterpart. One interesting twist is that Doctor Watson served as an Assistant Surgeon of the Army Medical Department in Afghanistan but he was discharged following an injury, this eerily could take place in 2010.

Victorian era doctors like the fictional Watson were pretty much what we would consider a doctor today. They were leaps and bounds above what had come before and held respect among there peers. Without aseptic techniques, anesthetics, and antibiotics they were not as successful as today’s Docs, but they could treat people and make a huge difference. Technology is always moving forward. If you look at the equipment a doctor of the 70s had versus the tools and equipment a modern doc has, it’s almost as big a jump in effectiveness as before. MRI scanning machines, new antibiotics, gene therapy, what makes all these possible is the invention of the computer, and now more beyond that, we are in the information age where a doctor can cross check your data for allergic reaction, consult with experts via video conference, and even scan the inside of your heart and map the electrical currents running through it.

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