Filling in the Blanks

A lot of what we do here at DDA is cutting edge, and it pushes the boundaries of what the internet can do for your business. Now this invariably means we are always utilizing the newest, latest technologies—sometimes things that we haven’t done before. This would make most worry, but not DDA. We embrace the excitement of new tools, and can’t wait to find a suitable project to showcase them.

Even though we don’t know right now what the next big thing will be, we enthusiastically look at future projects with renewed vigor and confidence. It is the confidence that comes with having a good skeleton or framework of knowledge, and skill sets to create whatever a client needs. If we leave bank spaces in the sentence of that project, we know we will be able to slot in impactful features as they become relevant to the client.

Everyday brings something new, and the exciting thing working here at DDA is filling in those blanks, and figuring out how to utilize all the new technology to our clients’ advantage.