Google Adwords Video Ads

To start off my DDA blog, I thought I would write about something that had also just started–that is, the Video ads for Google Adwords that are now appearing in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

The video ads appear under the traditional Adwords copy. When you come across one of these ads you will notice a small plus sign and the words “Watch Commercial”.

If you search for the term “cell phones” you should be able to find an example of this type of ad for Blackberry:

Google adwords video ad capture

Here at DDA, we think we are uniquely positioned to help our clients make the most out of this new feature. Given our over 10 years’ experience in both Digital Video and Search Engine Marketing, this type of advertising slots right into our field of expertise. We are already in the process of creating our first Google Video Ad for one of our existing clients, and we look forward to finding out how this effects their click thru rates and, more importantly, their conversations.