Google Benchmarking with Google Analytics

Google is now offering even more stats with new features in their Analytics software. This new information is Industry Benchmarking, where you can compare your website metrics against other similar websites. To do this, though, you must first opt in to the system and share your data with Google. This data is not shared with anyone, but it is made anonymous and turned into aggregate data for the system to create its industry benchmarking stats.

At the moment this data is limited, but as more people opt into the system, the information will become more and more useful for search engine marketing and for judging the performance of your website. The reports you can view include visits, new visits, page views, pages/visits, average time on site and the all important bounce rate.

Once you have signed up for the system, you are provided with a list of site categories that are available so you can then choose to view your site against any of the verticals you wish. It will be very interesting to see how far Google will add on these reports and how much data it will share.