Here comes iAd

I have a feeling Washington Dulles International Airport also know as (IAD) is going to be pushed down in Google returns. Steve Jobs has just finished his iPhone 4 launch and everyone is raving about FaceTime, which I’ll admit is pretty cool, especially the idea of two deaf people talking over it using sign language, even if it is crippled so far by just being wifi only. But what excites me more, and you may have guessed this by the title, is iAd.

Using a similar model to Google’s AdMob, it is a way to ad adverts to your app, so that you can make the app cheaper to buy. Much the the way you ad Adsense to your blog or website.

It works by adding a small banner to the bottom of your app. Clicking on the banner will launch a full-screen ad, which can be interactive and include video. It will not launch Safari, but run in its own environment. Upon closing the ad you return to the exact point in the app.

The iAds will be hosted and sold by Apple. Apple will retain 40% of the ad revenue with the other 60% going to the developers.

Here you can see an example iAd for Toy Story 3 displayed at the bottom of the iphone.


With Steve Jobs saying iAds are projected to represent 48% of the mobile advertising market in the second half of 2010, this becomes a form of advertising you need to start to take seriously.

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